Anniversary Top 10: Changes in/around Beech Grove

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Celebrating 10 years of the Chamber of Commerce As the Chamber celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2017, each month we'll share a new Top 10 list about the Chamber, community or popular events. This month's Top 10 features some of the more drastic changes we've seen in and around the Beech Grove community. The following list is in no particular order. Redevelopment of Main Street Beech Grove Public Library/Indianapolis Public Library merger Southside Gateway around Madison Ave. Beech Grove High School focus on agriculture/FFA Removal of Our Lady of Grace community center and pool Closing of St. Francis hospital University of Indianapolis HealthPlex Chamber was established in 2007 Southside Quality of Life plan developed and nearing start University of Indianapolis Board of Trustees approved a five-year plan of capital projects and educational enhancements that represent a $50 million investment in [...]

Anniversary Top 10: Benefits of Chamber Membership

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Throughout 2017, the Chamber is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Starting in February, through October, we'll unveil a new Top 10 list as a way to reflect on the changes within the greater Beech Grove area, growth of the Chamber and  what's changed since 2007. Our first Top 10 list shares what we feel are reasons local businesses, big and small, should join the Chamber. Top 10 Benefits of Chamber Membership Membership adds credibility to a business. Increases the business’ visibility in the community. Network with local business owners and leaders. The chamber facilitates business-to-business transactions. Receive news about local businesses, projects and events. The Chamber regularly receives calls or emails asking for business recommendations. Chamber events and programs provide members with great opportunities to generate new business or consumer leads. Chamber members can reach potential clients through member-exclusive advertising opportunities. [...]